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Good sex positions improves your overall experience by many folds. There are a number of xxex positions that you can try and enjoy with your partner because you always want to feel good with your partner. The high profile escorts in Pune knows all the good xxex positions that you will enjoy. Here we are mentioning about some fantastic positions that you should enjoy while in bed… 1) Cowgirl: This position allows her to dominate because of which she feels responsible of the charge. This is a good G-Spot simulation. This is also called riding position and is loved by women because it allows them to control speed, depth and angle of penetration while making simulation easy.

2) Face-off: This position allows face-to-face intimacy and makes you both feel cosy for long time. You sit on the edge of the bed with your partner, she then faces you, wraps her arms around your back, climbs on top and sits on your lap. Once in position she rides up and down on the penis by pressing her legs or knees. You can assist her by grabbing her ass and pushing her up. This is the favourite position of Pune independent Escorts and they love to be in this position. The position very arousing.

3) CAT (Coital Alignment Technique): This technique is very effective as it gives the couple a close feel of togetherness eyes-in-eyes and lips-lock. This is so good for achieving orgasm by women. In this position you are lying completely over her covering whole of her body and giving her the pleasure she always desired of.

4) Doggy Style: This is favourite position of all and all of us are aware about it. This style gives total dominance to man and she feels the punch that you give her behind. You have to be careful in this position as she gets hurt a lot in this position because of deep penetration.

5) Lazy girl: This is good position for oral sex. The partner sits on a chair with legs spread and wide open to allow the other partner to enjoy her while she enjoys keeping a look over you. This is a good starting position and a arousing one also.

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